MyIsle Outdoor Gym Equipment

MyIsle unifies elegance, exclusivity and versitility of an outdoor gym in as little as 16 to 24 . It also sets up a new standard for personal training and group fitness classes, allowing up to 6 people to work out at the same time. 

Perfect for "boutique" spaces, MyIsle is a revolutionary outdoor equipment that anticipates 4 out of 4 top fitness trends (including bodyweight, HIIT and functional training). All MyIsle users get exclusive access to 500+ exercises developed by top fitness trainers and rooted in different sport disciplines - including functional, yoga, athletics, stretching, stretching, strength, gymnastics, calisthenics, tactical, boxercise and bootcamp. 

This contemporary and functional outdoor gym is a perfect solution for beachside residences, exclusive resorts & hotels, private gardens and luxury yachts.

Installed in more than 30 international projects such as Mauritius One and Only hotel, Cocoon Resort, Miami Beach and Virgin Voyages US cruise ship. 

Available in 2 different platform layouts, up to 13 accessories and offers unlimited number of bodyweight training routines. 

MyIsle Variations      

MyIsle David (15 ) 8 stations with Max Capacity 4 pax                                        6170 x 4000 x 27670 mm (L x D x H)           

MyIsle Goliah 6 X 4 (24 ) with 11 stations Max capacity of 6 pax                      5500 x 3500 x 2500 mm (L x D x H) 

*Contact us for detailed specifications and additional accessories list                      Functional Fitness Workout includes the following;


Battle Ropes

Stability Board 


Pull Up Station

Handles Station

Sliding Push Up


Rotary Push-Up

AB Wheel

Flat Bench

Box Jump

Material & Treatments : Steel (AISI 304 or 304L) and Aluminium materials.

Corrosion-proof system used in Super Yacht Coating. For coated steel products, three galvanizing systems are used:

Hot Dip galvanizing, Sendzimir galvanization, Cold galvanization. The most suitable galvanizing system is selected based on the thickness and/or shape and/or manufacturing process of each product.

Stainless steel AISI 316 guarantees the highest levels of protection from atmospheric agents. Its performances are further improved by electropolishing treatment, a protective coating method that can be found in nautical industry to safeguard the finest yachts from corrosion, dirt and ocean air. 

Coating Finishing: Basic white treatment is the standard finish. MyTree is also available in 9 RAL ecoskins colorways and special finishes in gold and glitter. Only on request with price surcharge, products can be coated with a glossy finish. 

Stainless Steel Finishing: Available in two treatments; 

  • Sanitizing (standard)
  • Electropolishing (on request with price surcharge)

In areas with salty air (eg. in the vicinity of the sea), Electropolishing treatment is recommended to improve the corrosion resistance of products manufactured in stainless steel. 

Platform Finishes: Built using UHPC/HPC Molecular Concrete that is reminiscent of white marble, each of the MyIsle two "islands" have been designed as a monolithic piece. Available in white, brown, grey and black colourways. 

Inox Steel: Inox steel textures in satin, high-gloss or burnished. 

Product Certification: Ultra performance concrete reinforced with organic fibers with certificates and testing on the following. Compressive strength, Flexural strength, impermeability, stain resistance, resistance to cleaning products and impact strength. Includes slip resistance, and abrasion resistance tests. 

Safety Compliance: MyIsle conforms to the following safety standards:

Fire Resistance CSTB certification according to standard NF EN 13501-1


EU Standards   

EN 16630 Permanently Installed Outdoor Fitness Equipment - Safety Requirements and Test Methods

ISO EN 20957-1:2013 Stationary Training Equipment, General Safety Requirements and Test Methods

USA Standards                                                                                               

ASTM F3101-15 Standard specification for Unsupervised Outdoor Use Public Fitness Equipment 

ASTM F2571-15 Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Design and Performance Characteristics of Fitness Equipment

ISO EN 20957-1:2013 Stationary Training Equipment

EN16630:2015 Permanently installed Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Design Awards

Red Dot Design Award 2018 (MyEquilibria)

ADI Design Index 2018 (MyBeast &MyEquilibria)

ADI Design Index 2017 (MyIsle)

BIGSEE Product Design Award 2019 (MyEquilibria)