Lounge with Backrest

Linear modular bench belonging to the Lounge series is available in 2 seater, 3 seater and 4 seater. Lounge bench with backrest is composed by a monolithic seat in stone or timber slats, with backrests fastened through specific spaces to facilitate water drainage. The bench on request can be equipped with illuminating strips placed longitudinally on the longest side with power supply. 

The backrest and seating base is manufactured using Italian white granite conglomerates or a selection of 8 types of natural marble stone finishes. 

The bench surfaces can be sandblasted or smooth finished, covered with a transparent anti-decay coating or, upon request anti-graffiti products. Seating options include Okume timber slats of 55mm wide by 35mm thick. 

All edges are rounded and made blunt. 

Product Dimensions:

Available in 2 seater, 3 seater and 4 seater

1200 (Length), 1780 (Length), or 2340 (Length) mm

 600 (Width) x 718 (Height) mm

Total Weight:  530 to 1255 Kg 

Material: Italian reconstituted white granite in sandblasted finishes with 8 additional natural marble stones. Seating options include Okume timber wood finishes.