Award winning high density bike parking solution 

Stability: The Flycycle bike rack raises the front wheel of one bike 5 inches (20 cm) off the ground, stabilizing it. This allows a second bike to be parked in parallel without the usual entanglement of handlebars.

Efficiency: Flycycle allows for 6 racks per 5 traditional rack units, achieving the same accessibility with just 792 mm (2.6 feet) making it 17% more efficient when in rack formation. Flycycle recommends 792 mm (2.6 feet) spacing between racks, compared to 914 mm (3 feet) in conventional bike parking design. This translates to 20% less than the spacing required for more traditional racks.

Size (Single Unit): 1220 x 260 x 710 mm (L x W x H)

Material: 1.5 inch steel tube, which can be finished to your specifications.

Finishes: Hot-dipped galvanized finish, or Powder coated finishes (100 colorways available based on the Duncan Color Chart)

Warranty: *Lifetime 

Country of Origin: USA

Note *Each rack is able to park 2 bikes.