Crossed Chair

The Crossed chairs are made in steel, 40/10 thickness. The seat is characterized by a particular laser-cut texture, called crossed. On the sides of the chair, 2 metal plates are welded, shaping the outline of the chair. 

The chair is fixed to the ground with 4 no. of bolts.

Product Dimensions

Length 550mm x Width 660mm x Overall height 728mm


Steel EN10111DD11 is used and treated with a cycle of sandblasting, cataphoresis and powder coating. Such cycle is meant to guarantee the protection of the painted products, in an environment of C4 corrosion class complying with UNI regulations EN ISO 12944-2/ The products are polyester powder coated. 

Polyester powder coated to Corten colour finish. Custom colours available on request with minimum quantity of 10 pieces.