Cala Bench


Cala bench is made of UHPC an ultra high fibre reinforced concrete supported by a series of stainless steel leg. The fluid twisted form designed as a double sided seating has a thin and elegant seating element. 

UHPC is a mortar with very high mechanical performance and aesthetic, developed for the manufacturing of non-structural concrete elements, of high architectural content indoor and outdoor furniture. It contains cement premixed with sand, fibres and special additives for its packaging. The fibres used are glass fibres resistant to alkali.

The high surface yield of the pieces, achievable also with glossy effect, makes it ideal for use in high-end design. Its fibrous texture, together with an excellent durability, ensures a good resistance to cracking and makes it suitable to the realizations in the exterior. 

Being adaptable to moulds and formwork also very complex, it is particularly suitable for the realization of small, thin, smooth architectural elements or characterized by different surface finishes. Pigmentation may be incorporated in the composition of the material, allowing a wide variety of colours and multiple aesthetic effects. By adjusting saturation, any requirement of colour can be satisfied.


Product Info


HPRC® High Performance Recycling Composite in 3 standard colours. White, light grey, beige ivory.


3000 x 800 x Seat depth 430 x Seat Height 740 mm