The B-CYCLE seat-bike rack is in galvanised and polyester powder coated steel, thickness 60/10. The seat, dimensions 1200x500 mm, is made of solid exotic wood, thickness 40 mm, treated with natural waterproof oils, and it is fixed to the steel EN10111DD11 structure with hexagonal M8 screws screwed on specific bearings anchored to the wood.
On the structure of the seat there is a laser cut bike rack, supplied with two plates, T 60/10, with a central opening D. 25 mm, in order to ensure the bike to the bench.
The feet of the B-CYCLE seat are obtained from the main structure, forming two folds at 90 degrees on the extremities of the structure itself, thus giving two profiles 50 mm thick, each one having 2 holes D. 10 mm for the ground fixing through appropriate bolts.