Smart Bicycle Parking

Bikeep is a global micromobility enabler designed to secure bike parking without physical locks. With a unique mobile app, Bikeep docks are multi-tasking and able to integrate smart locking with any transportation or access card, or open with the Bikeep app or voice call. Offers branding opportunity with customisation of colours and logo. Installed in 13 countries from San Francisco to New Zealand. 

4 layers of security
  • Locks both bicycle frame and wheel
  • Camera Surveillance
  • Alarm & distress signal forwarding system
Available in both hard wired or solar powered system
*Warranty of 24 months from date of installation
*Minimum of 5 docks per station
*Kids bike parking available 
*Contact us for autocad drawings request 
Parking arrangement: 30 Degrees

Parking arrangement: Double Sided

Parking arrangement: Straight with Groundplates

Parking arrangement: Straight without Groundplates

Parking arrangement: Zig Zag